Who composed the music for Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair?

22nd October 2019

With no fewer than four composers credited on Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, many gamers have wondered which of the game's wonderful music tracks are the products of veteran Rare musicians David Wise and Grant Kirkhope - and which have been written by Playtonic's newcomers, Matt Griffin and Dan Murdoch.

We've assembled a handy reference table, with track names taken from the official soundtrack's Bandcamp page! (It's really good - you should get it!)

Main Theme David Wise
The Overworld Grant Kirkhope
Capital Causeway David Wise
Capital Causeway – Chaos Matt Griffin
Factory Fright David Wise
Factory Fright – Flooded Matt Griffin
Wild Web Woods Dan Murdoch
Wild Web Woods – Wilder Dan Murdoch
Frantic Fountains David Wise
Frantic Fountains – Frozen David Wise
Gasping Glade Matt Griffin
Gasping Glade – Grown Matt Griffin
The Overworld – Forest Grant Kirkhope
Sawblade Evade (Intro) David Wise
Sawblade Evade David Wise
Sawblade Evade – Stuck Matt Griffin
Production Path Matt Griffin
Production Path – Panic Matt Griffin
Windmill Way Matt Griffin
Windmill Way – Windy Matt Griffin
Urban Uprise Dan Murdoch
Urban Uprise – Updraft Matt Griffin
Ropeburn Ridge Dan Murdoch
Ropeburn Ridge – Rerouted Matt Griffin
The Overworld – Canyon Grant Kirkhope
Conveyor Chaos Matt Griffin
Conveyor Chaos – Crosswire Matt Griffin
Buzzsaw Falls Matt Griffin
Buzzsaw Falls – Frozen Matt Griffin
Cliffside Quest Matt Griffin
Cliffside Quest – Cold Matt Griffin
Hazard Hangar Dan Murdoch
Hazard Hangar – Hung Dan Murdoch
Turbine Trouble Dan Murdoch
Turbine Trouble – Tidal Matt Griffin
The Overworld – Beach Grant Kirkhope
Queasy Quay Matt Griffin
Queasy Quay – Climb Matt Griffin
Boom Bloom Blast Matt Griffin
Boom Bloom Blast – Breakthrough Matt Griffin
Pumping Plant Matt Griffin
Pumping Plant – Powered Dan Murdoch
Scareship Shootout Matt Griffin
Scareship Shootout – Smoggy Matt Griffin
Scareship Shootout Scroll David Wise
Scareship Shootout Scroll – Docked Dan Murdoch
Scareship Shootout Scroll – Docked (Airship) Dan Murdoch
Overworld – The Final Zone Grant Kirkhope
The Impossible Lair 1 David Wise
The Impossible Lair 2 David Wise
The Impossible Lair 3 David Wise
The Impossible Lair 4 David Wise
The Impossible Lair 5 David Wise
Trowzer’s Theme Matt Griffin
Pagie Power Matt Griffin
Rescue a Bee Dan Murdoch
Out of curiosity, we tallied up the numbers of tracks produced by each composer:
  • David Wise - 13 tracks
  • Grant Kirkhope - 5 tracks
  • Matt Griffin - 27 tracks
  • Dan Murdoch - 11 tracks
Hope that helps! In case you missed it, don't forget to check out our write-up on the game itself!


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